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Product name:
Panasonic Screen Printer SPG
Product Feature

15-second, high-speed clean and print cycle time, each time

An environmen...

Panasonic Screen Printer SPD
Panasonic Screen Printer SP70


Features that enable high productivity and stable quality

Hybrid squeegee head

Hybrid squeegee head, which has a good track record with our highly functional models, is equipped as standard.
Together with stabilizing rolling solders, printing cycle time is reduced.

High-speed mask cleaning

New-type cleaning mechanism reduces paper consumption. Moreover, parallel processing of transfer and cleaning cuts back loss time.

3 conveyors equipped

3 conveyors are equipped as standard for shorter PCB exchange time.
(supported PCB length up to MAX 350mm)

Various options to realize productivity/quality improvement and labor savings

Perforated pot type automatic solder supply

Automation of solder supply allows for labor savings and uninterrupted operation.
Cleaning of spatulas/nozzles is unnecessary
・Reduction of discarded solder
e.g., solder attached on spatulas or inside nozzles
・Uninterrupted operation
2-pot-type continuous supply

Sealed head

Press-fit of solder becomes possible, allowing fine pitch/through hole printing.

PCB pickup blower (switch type)

Printing transcription is improved through the use of blower to create airflow pathways from metal mask to PCB.

One-touch support pins

Support unit for batch replacement.
While checking on PCB, you can set magnet pins at desired locations.

Automatic mask positioning

Based on PCB data, the Y-directional mask position is automatically registered.

M2M Line solution

According to the correction data of shifted printing positions analyzed by solder paste inspection (APC correction data), it corrects printing positions(X ,Y ,θ).
*3D inspection equipment of other companies can also be connected.

* Please inquire with your sales representative for more details

Connect with upper system(LNB,LWS…)
• Automatic changeover
• Component verification(solder/mask/squeegee…)
• Trace data output

*About the specification and system configuration,please refer to the“Specification”for details.


Model ID SPG
Model No.
PCB dimensions (mm)
L 50 x W 50 to L 510 x W 460
PCB exchange time
6.5 s (incl. PCB recognition) (when PCB is L350 x W300 ) *1
2Cpk ±5.0μm 6σ (±3σ)
Screen frame dimensions (mm)
L 736 x W 736, L 650 x W 550, L 600 x W 550*2
Electric source
1-phase AC 200, 220, 230, 240 V ±10V 1.7 kVA*3
Pneumatic source
0.5 MPa,
30 L/min (A.N.R.), (motor vacuum spec),
400L/min (A.N.R.) (ejector vacuum spec)
Dimensions (mm)
W 1 580 x D 1 800 *4 x H 1 500 *4
1 500 kg*5

*1: PCB exchange time varies depending on the machine in the pre-process and the post process, the PCB size, the use of a PCB pressing-down unit and so forth.
*2: For mask specifications, please see the specification.
*3: Including blower and vacuum pump"Option"
*4: Except for the signal tower and the touch panel.
*5: In case of full options
*Values such as cycle time and accuracy may vary depending on operating conditions.
*Please refer to the ‘‘Specification” booklet for details.

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