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Network marketing specialist
1. Female, college degree or above, marketing major <e-commerce>;
2, 2 years of work experience, familiar with the application of various office software;
3. Familiar with the operation of major B2B and B2C platforms, and have unique insights into network sales;
4. Understand how to use the promotion methods such as search engines, blogs, forums, etc. to promote the work;
5, strong online communication skills, affinity and good language knowledge, good at handling customer relationships;

Sales Representative
1. Male, college or above; marketing major
2. Engaged in sales or related channels for more than 2 years;
3. Strong negotiation, information collection, communication and pressure resistance, able to independently develop customers in a short period of time;
4. Familiar with the relevant product sales market;
5. Strong execution and market development capabilities; customer groups are preferred in engineering projects;
6, direct marketing, telemarketing experience is preferred


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