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Open up three talent channels:
Everyone is a talent, and talent is spread all over the society. In order to give full play to local advantages, and at the same time extensively absorb local resources and ensure the leading position of Tianyu Investment, the company vigorously opened up channels and recruited talents:
1. Graduates of the colleges and universities
2, the head office and local service centers open to the public recruitment
3, good return personnel

Adhere to the principle of four major employers:
Knowing people: understanding people, understanding people, respecting people, not only knowing the table, but also knowing the potential of people;
Encourage people: create a relaxed environment, make people feel comfortable, do not seek full blame, allow to improve self-discipline;
Employing people: Provide each employee with a stage to display their talents, and create opportunities for learning, development, and self-realization;
Being a man: treating each other with sincerity, being kind to others, being tolerant, understanding, not engaging in internal consumption, dedicating and loyalty, loyalty to duty, taking the company as the home, and sharing honor with the company.


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