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Enterprise spirit:
Mutual cooperation and cooperation, the spirit of solidarity
Hard work, selfless dedication and professionalism
Seeking truth and being pragmatic, the scientific spirit of excellence
Dare to be the first, the spirit of innovation that keeps pace with the times
Corporate work style: rigorous, pragmatic, efficient, innovative
“Strictness” means creating a harmonious, orderly and orderly working atmosphere;
“Pragmatic” means that employees are required to be conscientious, down-to-earth, and work starts from scratch to achieve perfection;
“Efficient” means requiring employees to be strict with themselves, having a strong sense of time and teamwork to improve overall efficiency;
"Innovation" means to rely on science and technology as the foundation, continue to research, and constantly create new ideas and new production.

Corporate values:
Strict standards, pledge to create a quality concept
Pragmatic and honest, scientific and strict management concept
People-oriented, letter-based service concept

Innovative concept:
Innovation is a hundred years of foundation


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